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The story of a great group which made history and will continue that way. It was way back in 1907 at the dawn of the industrial revolution: a small manufacturing firm in a rural context forged the first aluminium products, a major innovation for those days.

The author of such enterprise was Baldassare Agnelli, the parent company of the future Agnelli Industries Group. The adventure started off in Montenegro, where he became acquainted with aluminium working, and continued in Lombardy, where he set up his “Fabbrica di Alluminio Baldassare Agnelli”. Baldassare Agnelli lost his parents in his earliest years becoming a grown-up soon in catching the attention of major companies.

The first episode of the brilliant industrial challenge was the order for Pirelli, who was looking for a supplier capable of manufacturing aluminium cores for the production of inner tubes. Baldassare’s courage and proactivity enabled him to come to the fore, well aware of his capability to carry out Pirelli’s order job perfectly.

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