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Trafilerie Aluminum Alexia have always paid particular attention to the environment and the environmental impacts generated by their production processes. Punctual monitoring, aimed at continuous improvement, has led and leads the company to make continuous adjustments and modernization of its plants and machinery in order to improve its efficiency, both from an energy and environmental point of view. The ISO 14001: 2015 certification obtained by the company in 2018 is testimony to its commitment, attention to monitoring and continuous improvement as well as legislative compliance with regulations regarding the environment and its protection.


A great group, a solid company, a strong link with the territory

Alexia is a company deeply rooted in the territory, with the ability to promote substantial development and growth opportunities. A significant employment reality that with 140 employees contributes to the occupational continuance of the manufacturing sector, countering the depopulation of an Alpine area, val Chiavenna, where tourism and industry achieve a balanced and inspiring synthesis. trafilerie Alluminio Alexia constitutes a challenge to the future and with the globalization of markets and technological progress represents a bolster and a reference point for the professional growth of new generations, ensuring prospects of wellbeing to a community forever closer and more involved in its development programs.

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