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Customized Profiles
one extrusion, one matrix.

Each idea takes material shape thanks to our matrix manufacturing technologies. Thanks to a highly integrated structure, we produce aluminum profiles according to specific customer requirements for numerous areas of use: from cooking tools to hospital installations, from shower boxes to road signs, from prefabricated buildings to construction and many other sectors. . Qualified design consultancy will guide you throughout the entire production process, from the initial phase to delivery.

Standard profiles
bars, tubes, plates and angles

For us, standard means both a codified and widespread model and quality. Hundreds of profiles designed and produced according to strict criteria and of the utmost perfection are at your disposal to cover countless areas of application. Each shape responds to specific needs, with a possibility of choice never seen before: flat, solid round bar, square round bar, raceways, L-profiles, angles, T-profiles, round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes. The right choice, to shape your products.

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